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Khách Viếng Thăm
09/22/2005, 03:35 PM
How would you change the world ?

I asked my friends what they would do to change the world if they could. My mother said with a laught:”sew up everybody’s mouth ! Then people would be judged by what they do and not by what they say”. My brother said:” improve communications, let people meet and talk directly with each other, instead of going by stereotypes on TV”.

My social friend said:”first, give food to all”but my spiritual friend said:”even if everyone’s material need were met, people would not be fully satisfied until they had a deeper direction inside. Meditation is the key. Then my cook friend combined the two ideas and said:” teach nutrition in the school. How canpeople have the proper thoughts if they do not eat the right foods ?If they would eat more vegetable, they would became more enlightened for vegetable are a higher consciouness food”

I asked diplomat friend and he saidin a solemn voice:” establish peace” My secretary friend said: “ we must learn to get along with our own families friends , and co-worker before we can expect peace in the world and we should start by giving both men and womenof all ages and colors an equal chance to fulfil their destinies”.

My old friend the scholar too recommended that we all be a little kinder to each other. However, my psychologist suggested that we do just the opposite and release our pent-up hostilities. My accountant friend advised the rich to give to the poor and to stop caring more about money than about people. But my psychic disaster , such as a fire or a flood to shock people into really caring about each other.

My writer friend wrote to me , saing:” deep in out hearts we all know the answer: to change the world , we must change ourselves . If everyone swept his out doorstep the treet would be clean “ Along the same lines my friend the philosopher told me that the answer lies in each of us doing at all moments what he thinks is right and not what he thinks is :”expendient or comfortable or profitable or popular or safe or impressive”Yet my friend the photographer offered more concrete suggestions :” install flushless toilets , ban car , bring back the bicycle !” she said.

To add to my confusion my yogi friend said he didn’t thinks the world needed any improving, as the Garden of Eden is a place in the mind. So finally I turned to God and asked if it could all somehow be state more simply . And he said :” Love “

Jyoti Carty
United Nations Secretariat New, April 1977.

_Nowadays thousands and thousands of young men are being enslavesd or rather victimized, by the almighty dollar.
_I have little confidence in patent medicines. They are no doubt efficacious in certain, diseas; but as sickness is generally subject to sudden changes the same drug that does wonders today may produce fatal results tomorrow.