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07/03/2006, 09:18 PM
Moscow One of World’s Least Courteous Cities — Survey

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<!--ADV170-->Moscow citizens have proved to be among the world’s least courteous people, says a recent survey conducted by Readers’s Digest magazine.

The survey inspected 35 cities of the world to check how polite their citizens were. The rating was built according to results of three tests: how often strangers would help a woman pick up the papers she dropped, whether the shop assistants are polite, and how many people in public places hold the door to let the person behind them in.

Moscow qualified among the least courteous cities, with 42 percent of polite citizens, doing slightly better than Seoul, but just as good as Singapore.

The unexpected winner was New York, with 80 percent of polite people, followed by Zurich, 77, and Toronto 70 percent.

Paris and London were ranked 15th, and Bombay was called the least polite city of the world.

07/04/2006, 10:09 AM