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Ðề tài: Great music site

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    Great music site

    I just found this new site with a lot of music in several format even lossless and great UI to find your favorite songs/artists and you can download them directly to your computer to build your own collection. Please note that most from Thuy Nga and Lang Van CD's are pulled out because of the copyright.


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    hình như tụi Zing vn có sự đầu tư của con rễ Nguyễn Tấn Dũng đang bị Làng Văn kiện nên đã rút xuống rất nhiều nhạc ?

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    chiasenhac hình như có liên quan đến HDVietnam.com site. Their server speed is surprisingly fast so they must have something to do with FPT or the like and it's all free for copyrighted materials. I úsually dld the 320kbps or the 500kpbs MP4 version as it's good enough for my taste.
    On this topic, I recently replaced my music system at home with the Sonos speakers/sub. It's amazingly simple and the app on the mobile devices are so AWESOME. Pairing with Pandora paid service, you basically have every song on earth available at your fingertip! I put all my VNese collection on a 1TB USB portable HD connected to the wireless router and sync up Sonos music library with the shared folder on the USB disc and voila everything is accessible from everywhere in the house from any device!!! Sonos is a little pricey but it's the best wireless speakers you can buy and their app is second to none comparing to Bose or BW. Highly recommended.
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    Sonos vs Sound Bar? pros and cons?

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    Soundbar is for your TV. Sonos speakers are for your music! Go to sonos.com to see some démos.
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    i can see Sonos is exclusively for music and its advantage to expand to other or farther rooms; but i can not see soundbar is only for tv.
    we're spending more time on the tv nowadays, and sonos is still very expensive?
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    With the soundbar, you have to connect to an amp and some music player/source to enjoy your music. Sonos speakers can stream music from your NAS, file server, mobile devices, or Pandora or the like. And you can just plug the Sonos speakers anywhere in the house where there is a power plug. Sonos system is very expandable, you can start with one and add more as needed. It takes literally minutes to bring up the system. I have a high end JBL HT system connected to my amp but it's not easy to stream music to the amp. No one uses the CD player any more. Playing and controlling music from your mobile devices (smartphone and tablet) is the way to go.
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    sonos play 1 or 3 or 5?

    is it worthy to spend for play 5?

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    I don't know how the other fare cuz I only bought the Sonos:5. I guess it depends on your room size. In theory, the bigger the driver, the louder sound it produces. It's probably best to mix them depending on your room size. I have 2 Sonos:5 one in the 2nd floor in the hallway and 1 down stair pairing with a Sonos sub (you can only pair the sub with 1 speaker).
    Bestbuy carries them and they have a 14 days return policy so you can try them out and return those you don't want. It's also cheaper to buy from Amazon market place where they have open box speakers which are practically the same since speaker don't deteriorate over time that much even when they are used.
    The beauty of these speakers comes with the app on all of the mobile devices and you can control them from anywhere in the house. I have never seen a better app on music streaming PERIOD. So simple, intuitive and so easy to use. You can select music from any source . Create your own playlist, etc... I have tried other high-end speakers like BW, Bose and though their sounds is comparable, their app is no comparison.
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    I'll wait until Costco to sell Sonos. I love Costco's return policy !!!

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